Many of the same principles that apply to planning for a new business also apply to upgrading your existing computer systems. Planning ahead is key--some of our guidelines include: future software requirements, business objectives and upcoming technologies. Using these guidelines, Lake Arrowhead Computer Solutions Group will work with you to provide the best upgrade plan, and detailed specifications, for your new computer and software systems. We can even build them for you! Visit our services section for more information.


If you're looking for ways to protect your computers and/or data, whether it be file permissions, encryption, network sharing, security policies, firewalls, or anything else security related, we can provide all the assistance you need.

Planning for new businesses

Which computers will you need? What should you expect from your equipment? How long can you expect it to last? Our clients save time and money by allowing us to help plan the future of their business. With our winning strategy we will unveil the best computer solution for you.

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Disaster mitigation

Planning for disasters and other unforeseen events is key to keeping your business moving, regardless of the circumstances. Fires, hardware failure and disgruntled employees are all things that nobody wants to worry about, but unfortunately they can cause damage. Precautionary steps must be taken to keep from losing valuable data on such occasions.


Technology is always advancing and evolving, which means that you could be missing out! With our help you can be on the cutting edge of technology, allowing you to cut unnecessary costs, improve employee efficiency and be one step ahead of your competition!